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Anthony Shiner – du telecom
du telecom
Anthony Shiner is the Chief Customer & Channels Officer at Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC) who lead, plan and direct sales and customer service channels. Anthony Shiner brings vast industry and corporate knowledge to his role as he overseeing end-to-end customer experiences across all physical and digital touchpoints, leading customer and channel operations, contributing to strategic planning, and realizing long-term business optimization objectives. As globally experienced executive, In his previous position as Chief Digital & Lifestyle Officer, Anthony oversaw the successful digital transformation of du’s business operating model, which supported the shift of several million physical sales, service, and internal process transactions into more customer-friendly, digital experiences. Anthony has also amassed several impressive accomplishments during his time at EITC. These include implementing a workforce retraining program that utilizes digital frameworks and expanding the telesales business. Prior to EITC, Anthony was Executive Director of Telstra Digital in Australia, where he led the transformation of Australia’s largest telco’s digital assets. He also held other notable positions earlier in his career, including Chief Revenue Officer at Group Digital Life, Head of Sales, Marketing & Advertising at SingTel, and numerous senior positions at telecommunications company Optus. Anthony holds a Master of Science in Business Administration and Management from Stanford University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Science from the University of New South Wales.