Damola Ademola | Inkblot Productions - Co-Founder

Inkblot Productions
Damola is a co-founder, executive producer as well as Head of marketing at Inkblot Productions. Inkblot was incorporated in 2011 and since 2015 has released 14 theatrical movies. 6 of which are amongst the 20 highest grossing movies in Nigeria, with 2 of our movies occupying the number 1 and 2 spots (Wedding Party 1 & 2). In 2016, 2 of our movies were showcased at the Toronto International Film Festival. While most of inkblot’s movies are currently streaming on OTT platforms like Amazon and Neflix to name a few. Damola is also an executive producer on the recently announced Netflix original series from Nigeria. Damola also has 16 years experience across various marketing disciplines including Advertising, Brand development, Digital marketing and Experiential marketing in business sectors like FCMG, Financial services, Telecommunications and E-commerce to name a few.